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Flash Select Help:
  Selecting a movie from the above:
To spin the wheel move the cursor to the left or right of the vertical black bars. While the cursor hovers over an icon, information about that Flash movies appears. The selector usually will have information on download size, running time, story plot, and hints for finding solutions to puzzles.
Note: The selector only contains old works.
  To those familiar with the older versions of Assassin Drake should know what can be found here. Vid contains mostly non-interactive Flash movies. Early works from 2003 will soon be replaced by new works.
A.D. :
  Clicking on the A.D. button will swap the current wheel with a wheel devoted to Assassin Drake. Everything here can be found under Vid. Click on A.D. to see the chronology of Assassin Drake starting with Duck - the birth of Assassin Drake.
Note: Movies like Sunkiss are not listed on this wheel as they feature Drake as a cameo not the star.
Q: What is oog?
A: What is oog. In Drake's lingo oog means 'what.'

Q: So then what is classified as oog?
A: Good question. Most of what can be found here is listed under 'Moose' now. These projects were mostly experiments with Flash. The only two worth checking out are Poose Muzzle and East vs. West.
Assassin Drake! Flash plug-in version 7 or later required to view everything important!
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