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ENGL 2024: Critical Strategies

Analyzing Sir Gawain

Abstract: The story of Gawain and the green knight is primarily about Gawain's male identity. The problem with this is that during the middle ages men demonstrated their maleness through sexual action but Gawain abstains from sex. The obvious question then is how does Gawain maintain his masculine image if he never engages in sex?

Pages: 2

Grade: A

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Analyzing Othello

Abstract: Locket says, "The deception, ferocity, and misogyny in the play [Othello] can all find expression as Turkish derivatives." Locket starts by explaining the historic background of the Ottoman Empire and Europe's feelings about it. He shows how Europe was strained economically after the fall of the Byzantine Empire. Europe also suffered social strains from the enslavement of every fifth Christian boy for the Turk's armies. The first audiences of Shakespeare's plays would associate Turks with terror, notes Locket.

Pages: 2-3

Grade: A

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ENGL 2027: Poetry

Anthony Hecht's The Darkness and the Light

Abstract: A breif review of Anthony Hecht's last book of peotry.

Pages: 4-6

Grade: 87

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