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Linking Weather and Climate
As you might have guessed this website is probably not going to be updated much anymore. Instead, I've changed directions and started a new site over here:

This one is based on binary trees. After moving the mouse over a star, two new stars appear as branches. Pick the correct star based on the end destination. Sometimes the choice will be obvious and sometimes not.

A simple old-school maze like the ones we used to play in puzzle books. Randomly generates mazes which each take around a minute to complete. Its as simple as paper and pencil only it lasts longer.
~ For MPF: the owner of the wrench.

The most complex work on ever! The object of Spine is to duplicate the spine shown on screen as accurately as possible. This game also features ten intense levels and high score tracking ability!

Monster Graph
A "roadmap" to the Monster series. Shows many important characters as well as their relationships to each other. The names can be dragged around to form new arrangements.

Island 2
A sequel to Island. This time Drake and Caesar just might get saved.

New for 2007: Stars & Stars Home
  The final version of Spine is now ready to play. Please leave feedback in the comments section on that page.
Island 1 & 2:
  The great adventure has been published on In Island, Drake and Caesar fight over coconuts. In Island 2, Drake and Caesar fight with coconuts.
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  Assassin Drake! The only duck with nine lives!
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