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Latest News:
  Merry December! A short animation titles "Island" will soon be available. In this short, Drake and Caesar get stranded on a small island (the kind people are always stranded on). It's up to Drake to fly away and save them both, but will he? What will happen next? The Assassin Drake game has entered beta testing. Final release date is still not anytime soon.

The widely loved Operation Persistence and Operation Persistent have come to an end but fear not, there will be new and greater operations in 2006!

If you haven't been in a while be sure to check out Assassin Drake's last adventure Assassin Drake: Lamtissa. The merger of old and new visual effects in the Thaumatrope will be featured on the upcoming Film and Media Arts web site at LSU.

Assassin Drake has a second home at, the product of offering free domain names. Both ".tk" and ".com" bring you to the same site. Anyone looking for a cheep domain name should check it out. Plus, most names taken by .com and .net are still available.
  Question: what is it?
Answer: A thaumatrope is an scientific toy invented in 1825 by Dr. William Henry Fitton. Fitton got the idea from Sir John Herschel who observed that humans combine images from both sides of a spinning coin. The word thaumatrope comes from Greek meaning "wonder turning." It was believed that humans could see these two images as one because of the theory of persistence of vision. The modern explanation is called the phi phenomenon. The phi phenomenon is used to explain how we perceive movies, television and Flash as continuous movement. Click here.
Eye Earth Moon:
  In this version the pupil expands and contracts. Thanks to Junebug for pointing that problem out. Other changes: 2) the earth 'follows' the moon 3) stars appear in the sky 4) sky tones are less contrasting 5) buttons match new web site design. Click here.
Lucky Duck:
  A new installment of Assassin Drake is on it's way. Assassin Drake: Lamtissa, a.k.a. Lucky Duck, will be finished some time this summer.
  The alternate scenes to Assassin Drake: Turteloni are up. The new beginning and ending were used in the version shown at the 2005 Red Stick International Animation Festival. I've also included the kitchen scene, previously found by clicking on the kitchen door during the original web version. To watch the different beginning, middle and end click here.
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When Assassin Drake is run over by speeding automobiles, he gets angry! You can see Assassin Drake in Assassin Drake: Turteloni - Assassin Drake saves the day by killing Turteloni. Now playing on demand at.. here! See how this one duck started in Duck! How it all began: Drake was born from the egg in Duck! Coming Soon Assassin Drake: Lamtissa ! Assassin Drake takes on Lamtissa with the help of his faithful side kick Junebug! Are you wondering what to do until Assassin Drake: Lamtissa arrives? Check out Assassin Drake: Roostaky, Drake's first recorded mission! Assassin Drake hunts Roostaky in the Tundra in Assassin Drake: Roostaky Look for more adventures to come only at the home of Assassin Drake!
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